Technology Platform

The DiscSealTM technology is based on an orthopedic-enhanced design and repurposing of technology used successfully by over 30 million patients the DiscSealTM product platform is a proprietary formulation combining a bulking agent made up of tiny microscopic spheres in hyaluronic acid carrier solution that is formulated to be administered in a prefilled syringe.

DiscSealTM uses PMMA microspheres as a bulking agent. Based upon previous experience with similar product formulations, the microspheres provide a scaffold for deposition of the patient’s own collagen (connective tissue) within approximately 2-6 months after injection. In order to ensure that the microspheres are delivered to the desired disc, and remain in the disc, a proprietary formulation of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) gel is used. The HA gel prevents the microspheres from agglomerating during the patient’s own tissue growth. Injected HA is absorbed over time, while the non-degradable PMMA microspheres support the patient’s production of new collagen to encapsulate each individual sphere, replacing the injected HA gel.

Thus, the repair and seal of the spinal disc defect is achieved through the role of the microspheres to passively support the natural production of human collagen. This soft tissue engineering is designed as a long-lasting and natural restoration of the structural integrity and disc function without migration or dislocation of the implant.

Intellectual Property

Multiple patents fully issued and additional patents are pending in the U.S. and Europe. IP covers use of any microsphere and carrier in intervertebral disc with claims for disc height, disc volume and sealing annular tears (stabilizing tears).

Other DiscSealTM Applications

SpineOvations is actively evaluating the potential use of the platform in the treatment of other medical conditions.